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Combined Ceremonies

Registrars and Independent Celebrants in partnership together

Civil Ceremonies Ltd, who train and qualify celebrants, are working jointly with Staffordshire registration service within a pilot scheme to offer these ceremonies throughout the county.

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Combined Wedding Ceremonies

Within these ceremonies, both registrars and celebrants work together.
You can have your legal formalities and your personal celebrant-led
ceremony in front of all your guests at the same place,
on the same day, at the same time.  More information.

Only Celebrants listed here are included in the pilot scheme.

Where can I find information on participating civil celebrants?

If I wish to use a civil celebrant, do I still need a Registrar?

Where can a ‘Combined Wedding Ceremony’ take place?

How does a ‘Combined Wedding Ceremony’ work?

What are the benefits of combining the two ceremonies?